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One day we went to a chicken swap and I asked my mom if we could get some baby ducks and hatch them out. So we got home and put them Ina hatchery thing . So after about a month they hatched but not all of them did . So we kept them under a light to keep them warm till they got big enough to go outside. So when they got bigger I noticed they won’t able to fly nor swim at first. I had all males and no females an they were all different colors and sizes but they learned to swim but still can’t fly and I’m not sure why.

Baby Squirrels .

One day my mom found some baby squirrels to raise and i was so excited. Then, it turned out raising them wasn’t so easy due to the fact you had to feed them every hour and sometimes they wouldn’t eat or you gave them to much. Then, they got to big for their cage so we had to get a bigger one and they went crazy because they could finally see and climb. Well they ended up truing into a hand full and it made it hard to touch or even feed them. Finally, they started to eat solid food after about  a month of having them and we started to let them out the cage so they could move around. Then we went on vacation and they got out and messed everything up and it was bad because we couldn’t put them back in their. so, one day we decide to let them go and they had a ball. But, if you ever deiced to raise one you should look out and make sure your ready.


Mums should always be planted six weeks before a killing frost that way there roots are in the ground and more stable in the conditions. Mums need alot of sunlight to grow so there for you want to plant them in a bright sunny area not shade because they will dry up and die. Mums produce flowers in many different colors but most popular would be yellow. To protect during winter you want to cut them down to the ground after they have stopped blooming and which mums stop blooming in the fall.

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